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        Prof. Dangsheng Su (male, born in July, 1961) is the principal investigator and head of Catalysis and Materials Division (CMD), Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science. Prof. Su obtained his Bachelor degree in 1983 from Jilin University, Master degree in 1986 from Jilin University, and Doctorate degree in 1991 from Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He has worked as Postdoc and research associate at Fritz-Harbor Institute of the Max Planck Society (Germany), Hahn-Meitner-Institute GmbH (Germany), Vienna University of Technology (Austria) and Humboldt University (Germany) from 1991 to 1999. From July, 1999, Prof. Su worked as the director of electronic microscopy lab and leader of the department of inorganic chemistry at Fritz-Harbor Institute of the Max Planck Society (Germany), and then, he was selected as “overseas high level talents” (thousands plans) on 2008 and moved to Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science(China). He was also appointed as visiting Professor at University of Messina (Italia), University of Milano (Italia), University JAGIELLOŃSKI (Poland) and South China University of Technology (China) etc..

        Prof. Su has been in charge of IDECAT, CANAPE, EnerChem and several other important research projects during his career in Germany, and his research interests cover physics, chemistry, material, catalysis and environment etc. He has 2 international patents and published over 300 articles in the field of nano-carbon materials synthesis, their structural analysis and catalytic activity etc. in Science,Angew. Chem. etc. world known scientific journals. Prof. Su is also gust editor for Micron, Catal. Today, and ChemSusChem, and has already organized and edited several special issues on electron microscopy, carbon catalysis and energy chemistry etc..

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Positions available:

        Faculty Position
        Tingsui Ke research fellow
        Catalysis and Materials Division whole-heartedly invites qualified young scholars to apply for above positions. Interested persons should submit your CV (education experience, research and working experience, and contact details) and related files to

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Catalysis and Materials Division

Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
72 Wenhua Road, Shenyang, 110016,
tel: +86-024-23971577

Catalysis and Materials Division Catalysis and Materials Division

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        Catalysis and Materials Division (CMD) is a young division in Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (newly founded in 2009). The division is founded by Professor Dangsheng Su, who is the director and principal investigator of CMD. Professor Su joined Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science as "Qianren Plan'' Researcher (class A) and National Expert in 2009, after over 25 years of research and management experience in catalysis at Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Germany.

        Catalysis is one of the core technologies in modern chemistry and energy industry, and over 60% of the chemical synthesis process involves catalytic material and technique. Catalytic material is a substance that can adjust and optimize reaction kinetics or selectivity etc. The development of catalytic material is a powerful impetus for the exploitation of new energy, pollution treatment and control, fine chemical or medicine synthesis etc. In situ observation and research on the mechanism of reaction between reactant and catalyst at molecular or atomic level is the essential premise of the development of new generation of high effective, energy saving and environment friendly catalytic materials. The research effort of CMD focuses on the development of novel practical catalyst with unique and intriguing functionalities. According to the requirement of modern science development and the national strategic needs, the research goal of CMD includes the synthesis and fabrication of new catalyst; in situ characterization and evaluation of the catalyst; simulation and optimization of the catalytic process; industrial application of the catalytic system. Our specific research interest covers the high efficient energy conversion of coal or nature gas, low energy catalytic technique, non noble metallic catalysis, development of new sustainable clean energy, natural catalytic materials, remediation of air and soil contamination, calculation and simulation on key catalytic system, in situ characterization of nano catalytic materials.

Research Area Research Area

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Physical chemistry of the reaction catalyzed by metal or noble metal alternatives.
Basic research on carbon and nano carbon.
Exploitation on industrial application of carbon or nano carbon catalyst.
Fundamental research on shaping and batch production of carbon or nano carbon catalyst.
Microscopic and in situ characterization of nano catalyst.
Development of novel energy storage materials.

Publications Publications

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